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Yucatan Guacamole Goes To D.C.

Yucatan foods is proud to be an official sponsor of D.C. United! The Beltway just got a little spicier! We couldn’t be more proud to be an official sponsor of D.C. United. It’s been a pleasure to watch Major League Soccer grow in the United States, and D.C. United has been a big part of that!

Bringing People Together

Sports have always been a catalyst for bringing people together. Whether it’s families, friends, or strangers; you can always count on sports to come to the table for a good time. At Yucatan Foods, we feel the same way about great, delicious guacamole.

We’ve had a busy schedule working with DC United! From our Golden Guacamole Giveaway to tailgating events, there’s been a real connection we’ve felt with the D.C United fan base.

Recently, we had the opportunity to tailgate the game and give away free samples of our 2oz Guacamole singles. These convenient, on-the-go treats are great for guacamole lovers who want to take our award-winning guac with them wherever they go!

These 2oz singles are a treat for families with school-aged children who want a low-calories, delicious treat to pack for lunch. Each single pack contains a 2oz serving of our authentic Yucatan Guacamole, and contains only 100 calories per pack.

We even had a cycle group ride up hungry and looking for a showdown with our guac! They stormed the tailgate to fuel their appetites with some tasty, delicious guacamole.


All in all, it was a great day and we look forward to many more like it throughout our sponsorship relationship with D.C. United!

On the Horizon

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at Yucatan that we can’t wait to share with you soon! From a brand new website to more contests, awards, and promotions and maybe even a new product or two in the future!

Until then, keep checking our website or Facebook page for more information including:

  • Special Announcements
  • Discounts, Awards, and Promotions
  • And More!

It’s been a pleasure partnering with D.C. United and we look forward to more opportunities in the days ahead! Until then, keep calm and enjoy great guacamole!

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