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For over 25 years, Yucatan Guacamole has constantly been improving to bring families the best flavors possible. From mild guacamole that can feed a crowd, spicy guacamole for the more daring consumers, or even single-serve cups of delicious guacamole, Yucatan has been committed to delivering a better experience.

2017 has been a busy year for the company. This year, efforts have been made to not only give back to the community, but to continue innovating better authentic guacamole products for all to enjoy. True to their word, Yucatan delivered on both of these promises, as well as successfully ended one of many exciting promotions, Tailgate Guacamole Giveaway.

In August of this year, Yucatan Guacamole brought even more people together, both on and off of the soccer field. Soccer fans can look forward to seeing Yucatan Guacamole on the D.C. United field as they are now a proud Major League Soccer sponsor.

Whether an appetite is worked up on the field, or soccer fans are looking for a better tailgating snack, Yucatan Guacamole is satisfying appetites. The original Authentic Style guacamole is now available in individual two-ounce containers, making it the perfect side for any meal. Each pack is only 100 calories, making it the perfect after school snack or lunch break side. But that is not the only thing that Yucatan Guacamole has improved on.

Now avocado fans have a different guacamole flavor to enjoy. Enter Yucatan’s new Restaurant Style Guacamole. This latest addition to the growing list of southwestern favorites is a truly unique product that is sure to please.

When Yucatan Guacamole first hit store shelves, hardly anyone was selling guacamole. Now, guacamole is about as popular as salsa. Yucatan understands that customer tastes have changed, and with the new Restaurant Style flavor of guacamole, veteran and new customers alike are going to love it.

What makes the new Restaurant Style Guacamole different is that it is made using a different technique than the other guacamole products already offered. By using newer ingredients, as well as a different preparation method, customers can enjoy a completely new experience by a brand that they have always loved.

The Restaurant Style Guacamole is everything that buyers love about getting fresh-made guacamole out. This rich, creamy and chunkier guacamole is created using fresh ingredients, just as a cantina would. Using authentic Mexican Haas avocados as a base, just as the other flavors use, and incorporating ripe jalapeno peppers gives this latest addition a smoother texture and bolder flavors.

Customers who already love the Authentic Guacamole style will notice that the Restaurant Style has a similar base. That is because Yucatan is dedicated to only making the best guacamole. The Restaurant Style will be available in sixteen-ounce packages, perfect for any fiesta, big game, or family gathering.

The new Restaurant Style has a completely different flavor profile as well that is sure to excite any taste buds. Currently, this smooth, bold guacamole is in limited supply, but everyone will be able to find it in their nearest grocery store shortly.

Until then, Yucatan Guacamole plans on continuing to provide the best guacamole at home. As if 2017 wasn’t exciting enough, the company has many more surprises in store.

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Nutrition fact #3

Oleic acid, the primary fatty acid in avocados, helps improve cardiovascular health.