A marinade that includes dark Mexican beer give these tacos a unique spicy-smoky tenderness. Wrap juicy slices of just-grilled chicken in a warm tortilla, finish with Yucatan Guacamole and you've really got something–something delectable.
You may never go back to basic burgers again once you've tasted this Southwest specialty. Chipotle chile supplies the bold flavor, and lime juice adds a tangy accent. And Yucatan Guacamole? That's where smoky and spicy meets chunky and delicious.
Dress up that ball-park puppy! Bacon-wrapped and griddle cooked hot dogs team up with refried or ranch style beans and scoops of Yucatan Guacamole. A side salsa of pineapple chunks spiced with jalapeño, lime, and cilantro will make you forget about fries with that.
A world of flavors and textures come together in this easy-to-make wrap packed with nutrients and full of flavor. Taste the crispiness of five fresh veggies over creamy tahini and delicious Yucatan Guacamole. Note the tang of tamari. In short, enjoy. (And relax -- it's all healthy.)
Try these quick and convenient menu ideas made more delicious with the great taste of Yucatan Guacamole.