Give the classic American omelet an authentic Mexican twist with our chunky Yucatan Guacamole and your own freshly-made tomato salsa. Savor the flavors that make this dish a hit any time of day or night.
Healthier than drive-thru and almost as easy to make, our breakfast sandwich crowns a crisp English muffin with Yucatan Guacamole and slices of tomato for a simple morning meal that's simply delicious. A perfect pairing with your favorite fruit.
In other words, a hearty fiesta of flavors for a south-of-the-border brunch. Top toasty tortillas with eggs, black beans, salsa verde, generous dollops of Yucatan Guacamole and cilantro. The result? A tasty bit of Mexico in every bite.
Add some zest to a familiar favorite with tangy cheddar cheese, onion, and the big avocado taste that Yucatan Guacamole brings to every dish. Even for breakfast, nothing says ole' like Yucatan Guacamole!
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